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Ace Clark ‘The Good Fight’

Brooklynite artist/songwriter Ace Clark is all about love, family, positivity, and joy. Ace’s music is just as contagious as his smile. His debut project The Good Fight is a medley of classic NeoSoul and clean cut HipHop that will make your heart and your mind feel at peace. Ace lost his grandmother Alice Clark in 6th grade and a decade later found a way to get her on his debut album. “Looking At Life” was recorded in the late 60s but those vocals still put today’s struggles on full display. The debut project has assists from top tier emcee Skyzoo, fellow Brooklyn artist Dyme-A-Duzin, and the “Queen of the PeaceCoast” Nitty Scott, Mc. Very rarely do you hear a hip-hop artist that sings who doesn’t make you feel like they’re just a rapper who’s singing. It’s almost as if both are a hand in glove fit and lend themselves to each other.



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Ace ClarkNitty ScottSkyzooThe Good Fight

Luv • November 4, 2015

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