Poll: “King of the Burgh” 2014 (And The Winner Is….)

So now that you’ve seen & heard (hopefully) all the performances. Who brought home the crown in your mind? Leave comments below a [...]

Jojo Capone ft C-Note & Chief Bias “Presidential”

Check out the video “Presidential” from Jojo Capone featuring C-Note & Chief Bias. Twitter: @globalgangsters @cnoteglobal @c [...]

Marc Asylum “Khalil” (Prod. by Londn Blue)

Listen to “Khalil” from Marc Asyum featuring production from London Blue. “Khalil” is the first release from his up [...]

Elesia Iimura “Believe”

There has been a ton of great music coming from the “Land Down Under” recently. Check out Elesia Iimura’s visual for the s [...]

MWTG “Heaven Or Hell”

New video from MWTG “Heaven Or Hell“ Twitter: @TheRealMikeWill Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/firesqadint YouTube: www.youtube.c [...]

Poll:”King of the Burgh” 2014

It all goes down October 24, 2014! A contest to determine the true “King OF the Burgh“! DJ Afterthought brings a legit all out h [...]

Jonathas “Selena”

New music video from Jonathas “Selena” which is off his latest release, “The Foreigner 3” hosted by Don Cannon. Twit [...]

Stranger Day “Born Bad”

Stranger Day presents the Shamus Coney-directed music video for his new single “Born Bad”. The beat is produced by Joel Khouri. [...]

Rawsome Russ “In Love With A Thug”

New music from Texas native Rawsome Russ “In Love With A Thug“. [...]

Block ft. Mar Star “Get You Right Back”

  New music “Get You Right Back” from Block featuring Mar Star.  This is the first release off his upcoming EP “Le [...]

S.M.P. “Bruh” (prod by Nesia Beatz)

New music from S.M.P. “Bruh” featuring production from Nesia Beatz   Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/smpmusik Twitter: @Iamg [...]

Emanny “Songs About Her 2″

“This what y’all all been waiting fo ain’t it?” Kanye was right! I damn sure have been waiting for. Listen to Emanny [...]
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