BirdFlyLandon “Movin”

Just scrolling through my IG TL minding my own business & saw that Jessica Vanessa posted a twerk video to this song. Wasn’t going [...]

Rico Caine “Only God Knows” ft Mad Mike & Lashaun Ellis (Prod by JaRedBeats)

Full disclosure here…. Before that though the new “You can’t judge a book by its cover” is “You can’t ju [...]

Padre Ft Jova “Chasing Mirrors” (Christian Löffler Remix)

I’ve listened to this about 14 times. Not because I’m in love with it but I’ve been reviewing submissions, cleaning & [...]

Ariano & Jade River “Fame”

Ariano & Jade River present the visual for “Fame“… interesting track where they take shots at all things that seem to [...]

Josh Jacobs “Real Woman/Rough Sex”

Josh Jacobs recently released the visual for two tracks “Real Woman/Rough Sex“.  Both tracks were featured on his recently rel [...]

NeKo ft Handsomebeast “Battlecry” (prod by Trakksounds)

NeKo recently released the song & visual for “Battlecry” featuring Handsomebeast with production from TrakkSounds. The lyri [...]

Songwriting Tip: “Drawing Maximum Attention To Your Hook” by Ralph Murphy

As you go through your song’s story and the verses, check your rhyme scheme. Whatever it is — change it in your chorus. For inst [...]

Don Claude “Pride of the Projects Vol 2: King of Kings”

“Pride of the Projects Vol 2: King of Kings” is the new mixtape from Don Claude. The 23-track street album featuring production [...]

Mike Baggz #TBOM Album Release Party

Mike Baggz #TBOM Album Release at the 40/40 in Manhattan Date: March 27th 2015 Time: 11pm sharp Address: 6 W 25th St, New York, NY 10010 Adm [...]

Brokechella Lineup 2015

This is such a dope event! Let me give you some background on what BrokeChella is. So how did it become BROKECHELLA? In 2011 when planning o [...]

Trai D “Girls Light Up”

I usually don’t go out of my way when I get a trash submission. Not trash in terms of the music being wack but trash in terms of the i [...]

Kevin McGee “Heartbreak Hotel EP”

Check out the dope new EP “Heartbreak Hotel” from Kevin McGee Twitter: @kevin_mcgee33 Website: [...]
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