Hendricks “No Good”

Up & coming R&B artist Hendricks released this dope new song “No Good“. This is really a good song, the vocals are lovel [...]

Komplex “Struggle Jones” (Prod CONDVCT)

“Struggle Jones” is the CONDVCT produced latest release from up & coming artist Komplex. Off the first listen I wasn’ [...]

Norman Dean “Happy Birthday” (EP)

“Happy Birthday” is the recently release EP from up & coming Pittsburgh artist Norman Dean. Happy Birthday by Norman Dean Tw [...]

Killa Kyleon “If I Ruled The World” (Freestyle)

For Day 11 Killa Kyleon proves that he has no intentions of slowing down. Determined to give you #30Days30Deaths, Killa Kyleon resurrects Na [...]

Kyduh “You Wanna”

23 year old rapper/producer Kyduh of Reading, Pennsylvania is a true musician whose love of music is evident in his ability to play mul [...]

Izzy Strange “Dinner With My Enemies”

“Dinner With My Enemies” is the latest full length project released by Izzy Strange. Complete with some solid production & w [...]

Kwamie Liv “Higher” (produced by Baby Duka)

“Higher” is the amazing new song from Kwamie Liv that features production from Baby Duka, it will be featured on her up coming a [...]

Hardo “I Know You Ain’t Gon Act” T.I.(prod. by JazzFeezy & Steve Samson)

“I Know You Ain’t Gon Act” is the T.I. featured recently released track from Pittsburgh’s own Hardo, the track also [...]

Olivia Louise “Skin Deep” (Live Performance)

Olivia makes it easy for fans, there is a ton of content out there from her performance videos, music releases, remixes & features. In [...]

Podcast: Tax Season Episode 9 Henny Talk

Check out Episode 9 of Tax Season Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/taxseason Twitter: @TAXSTONE [...]

Guordan Banks “A Song For Everyone”

New mixtape from Dreamchaser artist Guordan Banks “A Song For Everyone“. I MIGHT be late to the party on Guordan but this mixtap [...]

Sosa ”Reality Music”

“Reality Music” is the latest release from up & coming Pittsburgh artist Sosa. This track has a very powerful message.. make [...]
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