Muddy Water: “The Soundtrack”

Check out Muddy Water: The Soundtrack. This is the soundtrack to the “Turkey & Dirty Sprite” event, thanks to Tre’ Ba [...]

Legendary Sounds “Louisiana”

I heard this song for the first time on Friday at “King Of The Burgh 2“. Legendary Sounds set the stage on fire with “Loui [...]

MarQ Spekt “Guidance” (Prod by Lex Boogie)

Check out the new song “Guidance” from MarQ Spekt. This track has a real gritty old school east coast feel to it. A bit differen [...]

Poll: Who Won King of the Burgh 2??

Read the recap of #KOTB2. For those who were in attendance (and there were many) cast your vote for who you thought should have gone home wi [...]

Recap: “King of the Burgh 2″

15+ acts took the stage at the Rex last night & I can say with confidence that Pittsburgh hip hop is in a very damn good place. I was la [...]

Jus Smith “Brick N Benzes” (Prod By Vokarondon)

Jus Smith is not playing games! He is back with “Brick N Benzes” just a week after releasing the DreTheOneDa produced “Rig [...]

Estilòs “Bombay” (Prod By Millz Douglas)

Peep the new music video from Estilòs the song is called “Bombay“. I really like his smooth delivery song has a good vibe to it [...]

Rebels Without A Cause “AmeriKKKa”

Check out the new video from Rebels Without A Cause for the very powerful song “AmeriKKKa“ . Song really speaks to what is going [...]

Rashid St. James “Yung Tetsuo (Berry Gordy)”

Toronto artist Rashid St. James releases “Yung Tetsuo (Berry Gordy)” , inspired by the Katsuhiro Otomo movie “Akira” [...]

Davis Mallory “Beautiful Girls(Diem’s Song)”

For those of us (yes US) that follow MTV’s reality TV series like “The Real World” or many of the others, you are aware of [...]

Jim-E-O ft Emilio Rojas “Sky All Grey” (Remix)

New music “Sky All Grey” (Remix) from Jim EO featuring Emilio Rojas Twitter: @JIM_E_O [...]

Jasmin Jones “Peppercreek Farm”

Jasmin Jones has dropped an official video clip for her folky love track “Pepper Creek Farm”. I love this song & video, its very sm [...]
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