Mookz ft Jahmez “Ghost Ride”

“Ghost Ride” is a dope new song from Mookz a talented dubstep producer featuring Jahmez. Twitter: @moneymookz Facebook: www.face [...]

Podcast: Real Rap J-Pad Da Juggernaut Interview [Episode 5]

New Real Rap Podcast from Dan Status featuring the talented J-Pad Da Juggernaut. This is a dope interview in which JPad speaks a ton of know [...]

Album Review: Ludacris “Ludaversal” by Blade Brown

Artist: Ludacris Album: “Ludaversal” Review: Its been a little over 5 years to the date since Christopher “Ludacris” [...]

Podcast: Brilliant Idiots “The Set Up (w/ Sasha Delvalle & M. Wreck)”

So I’m super late on this! I slept on this podcast in a major way but I listened this AM to this entire episode & I am completely [...]

Podcast: Tax Season “The Pee Wee Kirkland Episode”

Tax just keeps taking his podcast to a new level every week! Check out this episode of Tax Season featuring playground legand Pee Wee Kirkla [...]

Movie Review: “Get Hard” by Blade Brown

When millionaire James King(Will Ferrell) is nailed for fraud and bound for San Quentin, he turns to Darnell Lewis(Kevin Hart) to prep him t [...]

Nevi Brandan “Whip It”

“Whip It” is the a new song from up & coming R&B artist Nevi Brandan. This is sort of a remix to the classic Babyface [...]

Joe Sauseda “Still Searching”

“Still Searching” is the latest release from up & coming Austin TX artist Joe Sauseda. Twitter: @joesauseda [...]

chief waKiL “Ambidextrous”

“Ambidextrous” is the latest visual offering from chief waKiL with assistance from that talentedJinjoo TheGuitarGirL. This song [...]

Yung Zay “F#!K It”

Hailing from Helena, Arkansas aka “Helltown” TMG Squad CEO Yung Zay brings us a new track called “F#ck It“. This sin [...]

Vaig “Rings Of Saturn” Ft S.M.P. (prod by Ty Milla)

“Rings Of Saturn” is the latest release from Pittsburgh artist Vaig featuring S.M.P. with production from Ty Milla. Purchase  [...]

Album Review: Wale “The Album About Nothing” by Blade Brown

Artist: Wale Album: “The Album About Nothing” Review: He promised his fans this was his best work. He promised his fans this was [...]
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