Fresha & Josh LeBang “Magic Box” (EP)

The new Ep from Fresha & Josh LeBang “Magic Box“. Twitter: @YoungFresha @JoshLeBang [...]

Lloyd Speaks On 360 Deals

I’m doing some research getting ready to put together a promo campaign for a new client & I hit youtube for one thing & after [...]

Seouless “Xxplosive”

Seouless took the hip hop classic “Xxplosive” from Dr Dre & made it his own. Check out the video!   Website: heavyhust [...]


So Colorado, Washington, California, Oregon, Alaska & now DC are all places where you can posses & within some legal limits, grow, [...]

Edon Jacobs “Launch Sequence” (Beat Tape)

Edon Jacobs releases his latest beat tape entiled “Launch Sequence“. Twitter: @EdonJacobs [...]

Lameke “Which Way”

Lameke releases his inspirational track “Which Way“. Purchase “Which Way” on itunes today! Twitter: @LaMekeB [...]

A.I.T. & Savvy Sossa “Henny x Juice”

New music from A.I.T. & Savvy Sossa check out “Henny x Juice” which will be featured on their upcoming mixtape “Pomona [...]

Jung Youth “Peter”

Jung Youth releases the visual for Central Parks produced track “Peter“, which is featured on his album “Yada Yada” [...]

Latia “Control” (Video)

A few things are very apparent to me at this point, for starters this song “Control” is f*ckin FIRE! In addition to that based o [...]

Film Review: “50 Shades of Grey” by Blade Brown

Plot: Literature student Anastasia Steele’s life changes forever when she meets handsome, yet tormented, billionaire Christian Grey. R [...]

Ohini Jonez “Crown” (EP)

“Crown”  is the new Ep from up & coming southern artist Ohini Jonez. Purchase “Crown” via bandcamp today!Faceb [...]

Kay Cola “Not OK” ft. French Montana

“Not OK” is the French Montana featured new song from rising star Kay Cola. “Not OK” is now available on iTunes. Twi [...]
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