K!NG Z3US “21 Pounds” (prod by CA3)

Up & coming artist K!ng Z3us isn’t playing games! After recently releasing “Crack” he’s continued to heat up aft [...]

Shun Ward “I Got Proof”

Check out this really dope song called “I Got Proof” from up & coming R&B artist Shun Ward. He actually takes a unique s [...]

Josué “What’s On Your Mind”

“What’s On Your Mind” is the latest release from Josué. Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/josuevmusic Twitter: @JosueVSB1 [...]

Elcee “How You Feel” (Prod. by De Juan Graham)

“How You Feel” is the De Juan Graham produced song from up & coming artist Elcee. Twitter: @ElceeTheArtist Website: www.Elce [...]

YNIQ “Counting Down The Daze”

Up & coming artist YNIQ releases visual for “Counting Down The Daze” Website: www.iamyniq.com Twitter: @iamyniq Facebook: ww [...]

King Tate “That’s Mine”

Arkansas artist, King Tate, is back with a new single “That’s Mine“. After going viral off his earlier track “Extra& [...]

Safe “Gotta Be Magic”

“Gotta Be Magic” is the latest video release from up & coming artist SAFE. Twitter @daveyduckhunter @newrichbrave @slimbojim [...]

Killa Kyleon “Coco” (Freestyle)

Killa Kyleon is destined to prove that he is the hardest working rapper in the world by taking out a new freestyle every day for a month. To [...]

Poll: Who will win RhymeCal “Summer Slam” Finals

Rhyme Calisthenics is an MC Competition that combines the intensity of a rap battle with the excitement and unpredictability of a game show. [...]

Gleams “Well If It Isn’t”

New York up and comer Gleams returns from his hiatus and tells us about it over Drake’s “Madonna” record. Twitter: @Gleams [...]

Kingz & Pharaohz “Life Support II”

Just watched this “Life Support II” visual from Kingz & Pharaohz about 5 times. The visual is amazing, I love the everything abo [...]

Money & Violence Season 2?

I’m sure you are familiar with the Money & Violence web series we have featured every episode here on brainofbmw.com. Well the cre [...]
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